Friday, August 19, 2011

Sulfate-free soap: Castile soap (Vlog on how I use on my skin)

for the past few months now Ive been using castile soap to shampoo my hair and clean my face. And I must say I LOVE IT! There are no harsh chemicals in this products, its affordable, and they smell good and get the job done. Ive tried all kinds of shampoos and all they do is dry out my hair making it hard for me to detangle afterwards, making it a big knotty mess. But I dont get that when I use this product, I use it straight out the bottle and or diluted and I added some grapeseed oil to the diluted mix for added softness. There are lots of brands out there and most are pretty good about keeping the product chemical free and all natural.  I wont go back to use regular shampoo on my hair again, finally a soap that works with my transitioning hair and is gentle to both textures. 

As for my skin I love it!!!! I use it twice a day and finish with shea butter or another skin butter to smooth out my skin. for the winter ill do the oil cleansing method. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

My weekly regimen

I wanted to post my new regimen and show what I have been doing to my hair lately. Still I dont do much because I dont want to fight with my two textures and the less I do every week the better. This has been working for me for a while now and I love it. 

(BIG THANKS to Kiki and Amy for the comments on my last post :-)

                                         MY WEEKLY REGIMEN: 
  • deep condition on slightly damp/dry hair (oil treatment of the oils of my choice - cowash days OR elasta qp soy oyl treatment - wash days) leave on for a hr
  • wash hair once a week with peppermint castile soap/cowash once a week 
  • after shampoo cowash with cheapie conditioner 
  • only if needed do a 5-15 min protein treatment with aphogee 2 min treatment
  • air dry under towel for 5-10mins then apply leave ins (aphogee green tea spray, moisturizer, seal & oil scalp with castor oil/grapeseed oil mix OR bee mine serum, 
  • detangle hair in 6 sections with a pik comb and allow hair to air dry a little before i style it for my protective style.
  • every other day apply moisturizer  and little castor oil mix to moisturize & seal until my next wash/cowash day.
  • protective styles are : buns, bantu knots, half up/half down, wigs, & drawstrings (the less i do the better. )

                                 Things to follow during long transition 2011:
*detangle once a week on wash days with product using pik comb
*finger comb on co wash days or "refresher" days with product
*refresh hair inbetween cowashes when ever need be using spray bottle mix (water, oils, and cheapie conditioner) 
*denman is used for quick smoothing only
*scalp is oiled on all wash,cowash, & refresher days
*finger comb while in the shower (a must)
*air dry...or if plan to blow dry air dry for 20-30mins then proceed to blow out hair
*use tshirt to get most of the water from hair.