Monday, October 3, 2011

So another month under my belt.... *8 months to be exact lol**

Last Wednesday Sept 28 2011 I hit 8 months transition into natural hair! Honestly Im actually happy and heres why...... :

1) regulated a good hair routine that actually works well for me
2) not stressing over my hair, and hair styles
3) taking my sweet time to detangle properly
4) moisture, moisture, moisture lol
5) and just leaving my hair alone!!!!

All of these tips have helped me to get to where Iam in my hair journey. Im not doing anything special than what most have seen and done themselves. The best thing is just leaving it alone, messing with all the time trying to make is look cute each and everyday is what really causes the problems. I found out around month 3 that im not a twist out kind of girl. Actually my hair cant take kind of "out" style" because it causes stress due to twisting and braiding all the time and trying to "fro" it out the next morning. its just to much....for my hair at least. so rocking buns (of all kinds) and two strand twist sets have been doing the job. Im still using castor oil and I love it!!! Been using it since April 2011 and I love the results just hate the itchy scalp lol. Watch out for a review of jbco vs regular castor to why I prefer regular better. But I have alot of great things that ill be doing for my blog very soon, Ill also be selling natural hair products that Ive made and some hair candy as well :) I have lots of reviews of products and other tips that ill be posting very soon. To all my other new transitioners my biggest tip is dont stress and just have fun.....and always research!