My weekly regimen

  Things to follow during long transition 2011:
*detangle once a week on wash days with product using wide tooth comb
*finger comb on co wash days or "refresher" days with product
*refresh hair inbetween cowashes when ever need be using spray bottle mix (water, oils, and smooth n silky treseeme conditioner) 
*denman is used for quick smoothing only
*scalp is oiled on all wash,cowash, & refresher days
*finger comb while in the shower (a must)
*air dry...or if plan to blow dry air dry for 20-30mins then proceed to blow out hair

                                     MY WEEKLY REGIMEN: 
  • cowash when needed thru out the week (mixing with oils) in 2 big sections
  • wash with sulfate free shampoo when needed  in 2 big sections
  • deep condition (oil treatment 1-2 a week/deep treatment on wash days) on dry hair
  • protein treatment when needed/black tea rinse 20mins weekly
  • detangle before cowash/shampoo with leave in in sections, finger detangle 
  • apply leave ins, 4 sections
  • air dry, style as desire
  • heat style once - to every 2-3 months making the straight look last for about 2weeks or longer
  • oil scalp 3xs a week with castor oil/ massage scalp 
  • m&s every night to every other night
  • buns, kinky twists, pin curls, loose ponytails, lace wigs