Saturday, April 14, 2012


hey my lovely followers!

1st off i just want to say i do apologize for being absent, a lot of things in my life has changed since i last updated which prevented me from writing like i wanted too.

but im back now!

soooo, as of right now im 100% au natural!!! i did my big chop feb 18 2012 so im almost 2 months post bc. i transitioned for a full year and just woke up one morning and chopped my relaxed ends off. i currently have neck length hair with a hair type of 4a/3c.

so far ive done twist outs, pony puffs, and my new favorite thing the curly girl method for wash n gos.

my hair routine is very simple.
i co wash 1-2xs a week
i use a cheap conditioner like v05 as my leave in/styler
for my twist outs or to tame frizz i use gel or ors girls hair pudding
i use Africa's best herbal oil almost every day to keep hair soft and shiny
i shampoo with a non sulfate poo once a month
dc with oils/honey for 1 hr
trim when needed
flat ironing (never) i have no desires for it

my style can last about a week then at the end of the week ill wash and re do it.

april 1 2012 i dyed my hair honey blond by textures and tones and it came out great! for me, there havent been any damage or loose curls.

also the less i do to my hair the better, i hate doing a lot anyways so if i can wear my fro all week then im happy.