Why Transition?

I have had relaxed hair pretty much all my life and its the only hair texture I really know. Before the relaxers I remember my hair as thick, long, and curly and I hated it. (sad it know) but when you're in elementary school in the early 90's it was hard because everyone had or wanted "white girl hair" meaning long straight hair all the time. When I was about 9 years old I got my first kiddie relaxer and I was excited. I always said to my mom "I want my hair to look like the girls from the box mommy" And when I finally got it straight and noticed the bullying stopped due to having bushy hair all the time, I was happy. As the years went on my hair broke off and got really damaged. I hated touching it because I hated how it looked and felt. My hair grew but never went pass the top of my shoulders. I literally use to cry about this, as silly as it is it bothered me to know my hair wasn't as pretty as I wanted it too be. 2007 was the year that I started to google different things and came across black hair care. I see women go from "amber rose" to waist length in 2 yrs. It was amazing and I wanted to get in or it. While I was trying my best to get good results  with my relaxed hair I wasn't seeing what I wanted (as far as length). So this past February 2011 was last and finally relaxer and I threw in the towel and said no more. I personally had to put two and two together just so I can get the results I wanted. While transitioning I noticed just how thick and curly my natural hair is and how full it is. That made me feel good I love touching it and I get excited on wash days just because I know Ill see my natural hair again lol. Today makes 8months (9.28.11) and Im loving it, my hair is stronger and happy to report longer. My transition open my eyes to things I didn't need to be doing to my hair I love all kinds of natural hair now. Im not afraid of fizzy hair I think the bigger the better. Im having fun learning about my hair and enjoying all the benefits from it. 

This is me when I was little with natural hair, I always wore braids and puffs with chinese sticks to hold my hair in place. I hated how bushy my hair was but now that I know the importance of loving what God gave me I wont try to alter it (chemically)