Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dear shea Butter,

Out of all my current products Im using I always go back to using shea butter. I started using this amazing butter last year when I got a lb of it. During this time I had no real clue how to use it and what it was for, the only thing I knew was how great of a butter it was. The main reason why I got the shea butter was for my hair, and during that when I had it I was relaxed and my hair didn't take to it very well. After doing a lot of research on this one product and I have learned to love it. Im already on my 3rd shea mix and I use it every day. My face loves this stuff its the only thing I can put on my skin after washing it.  (I will post a skin vlog in a few days) Since transitioning Ive been looking for a good hair oil -moisturizer that will be good for my hair. I went back to using good 'ol shea butter and I love it. I use it every other day when hair is straight everyday when its not. My hair absorbs it very well so I haven't had any issues with it. This is just an all around great product, for dry skin, dry hair, and to help subside acne scars. A little goes a long way and it doesn't mold so it lasts a good while. I have used it as a pre poo, and as a heat protector before flat ironing, and I use it on my lips and on other scars. Its great and I will continue to use it as long as this product is on the market.

Flat ironing with shea butter

How to make whipped shea butter

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Be Your own Motivation!!!

When I started my hair journey I was lost and very confused. And I hated it because I wanted a change but I didn't know where to start. Looking at tons of other successful women who progressed thru their hj's I felt motivated to do the same. But of course nothing is never easy. So transitioning for the second time around I  really wanted to inform myself on everything to products, to combs, to detangling. I would say this time around it feels stress free just because I took the time out to educate my self on something I wanted. Im a week away from being 6 months into my transition and honestly couldn't be any happier. I use everything I learn and have gone thru as my own motivation. I push myself , the hair on my head is the best form of motivation I can give myself. Having my natural hair means a lot to me and for this fact I will not listen to anyone else but myself regarding my own hair care journey. This is MY HAIR so therefore I can do what I please, not going to allow any negative people steer me in the wrong directions. And by right anyone who is on a hj shouldn't allow someone elses opinion change how they feel about their hair and what they are doing. I feel if you are happy with what your doing and you are getting great results does it matter if anyone else doesn't approve of them?? I don't think so. So do what makes you happy and keep your self motivated. This will bring all the progress and success in your hj.

xoxo - Nicki

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Transition to au natural - 23 weeks post update

So Ive decided to update my transitional journey to natural seeing how important it is to me, and its all I think about it lol.
So Im 5 months and 3 weeks post relaxer (technically official date will be tomorrow but whats one day?) Lately ive been on this search for finding a good product that will give me the slip and softness I need. And Im not down with spending a lot of dough on all of these  products -- so I felt caught in the hardest spot ever. It has come to a point where my regular cheapie co wash conditioners just wasn't cutting it. When it was time to detangle I hated it simply because it hurt and I felt like I was doing more harm than good to my hair. So after doing a lot of research I wanted to the smooth & silky conditioner by tresemme and ohmigeee! I love this, this product was exactly what I needed in my life at this time lol. Surprising my mom had the large bottle of the product and she really wanst using it so she gave it to me and instantly the two of us became friends lol. I also updated my deep conditioner since I just recently ran out of my silicon mix bambu treatment. I decided to try the elasta qp soy oyl deep conditioner treatment just off a whim and very happy I did. "This - right - here - is - my - swagg!" like seriously I love this stuff and it made finger combing so easy. and no shed hairs in my  hand, amazing stuff. I will be doing a product vlog review on this to show just how much I love this product.
But as far as styling Ive been keeping it very simple -- and by it being so hot where I live simple is the best way to go. But I love rocking my buns, and textured ponies, and messy braid outs. But over all I let my hair do what it gotta do pretty much. I personally don't find it necessary to fuss over my hair when I know its not needed, Im just enjoying the ups and downs of this transition and learning from it week by week.

Xoxo -Nicki Lajoy