Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Still Transitioning .... (43 weeks post relaxer) castor oil challenge

just a quick update, im still in fact transitioning im 10 months and 3 weeks post relaxer. and not having no issues. dealing with my two textures have become so easy. i still get the shedding from time to time but its not as big of a deal simply because i learned how to subside it, and i know that its a natural thing when working with two different hair textures. my natural hair has grown in alot its very thick and curly. my curl pattern in the back is a 3c and on the middle toward the front is a 4a. so just with water my hair curls up. my styles have been very simple and easy.

i have entered in the castor oil challenge on hairlista back in sept and we have a few days left before we send in our result pictures. looking at my hair before the challenge and now its has grown a lot and its a lot more healthier. i applied the castor oil 2 times a week, also using it in my pre poos and in my weekly dc'ers. castor oil is my go to growth aid staple and something ill continue to use thru out my hhj.

ill post my results on the dec 16.

also please check out my other personal blog, this is where i write any thing that comes to my mind. its not hair related at all but i will talk about all kinds of topics.

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