Friday, January 20, 2012

My New Way to Cowash - Winter Time.

my old way of cowashing was to just simply get the shower apply the conditioner, work it thru and detangle. this whole process can take about 30-45mins in the shower. because i wash my hair in sections plus detangling. i hate it because it take so long, i cant just slap on conditioner and wash it out my hair would be tangled, trust i tried it. but now thats it winter i cant be in and out of the shower i dont want to risk getting sick esp not because im washing my hair. so here is my new method:

-apply oil all over hair on dry to slightly damp hair (i like using olive oil)
-leave the oil on for 10-15mins
-apply co wash conditioner in sections (i do 4 large sections)
-detangling as i apply
-hop in the shower and rinse out the conditioner

my hair is still soft, manageable and i dont waste too much time in the shower. my shower time is now reduced by 20 or mins because i cowash this way now. once i detangled before i got in the shower i dont detanlge again so that saves even more time. i then apply my leave in and air dry and style.

also applying the oil prior can work as a oil treatment in one step, vs rinsing then cowashing.

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